Masáže Zadov

Dobrá chata (Good Cottage) - accommodation Zadov, Šumava

Dobrá chata ideal for a family holiday, sports and corporate events, school trips, trips, training courses and last but not least, for you who are looking to peaceful and pleasant holiday in the beautiful Šumava - Bohemian Forest.

Know that good cottage is a place where comfort is a lifestyle .


Family hotel Dobrá chata, originally called Chata pod javorem (under the maple), Komsomol, Svoboda (Freedom) and Měrkova´s Cottage, is already 80 years a favorite place for a pleasant year-round recreation and is the first ever tourists occupied the seat in Zadov - Churáňov in Šumava.

About Cottage

Dobrá chata offers accommodation for up to 48 people in four types of rooms with private bathroom and one large apartment for 6 people, home cooking in a restaurant with a capacity for 90 persons, and other services that will appreciate in both winter and summ

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